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Spoil Me

Serenity Lux🌹

Spoil Me

Gifts are of course never expected, but always so appreciated. I am truly flattered you’d like to spoil me and your generosity will never go unnoticed. They say that the art of giving is worth more than the gift and I couldn’t agree more, the excitement and joy it brings me to unwrap something you’ve chosen for me makes me feel so lucky. If you’d like to spoil me, I’ve put together some ideas for you below. Thank you in advance for the smile you’ll put on my face.

So Excited To Meet You!🌹

Please fill out my booking form or send an email to

Favorites Things

  • Drink: white wine (sauvignon blanc, riesling), champagne
  • Sweet: dark chocolate, hand-made chocolate, french bakery
  • Flowers: pink peonies, red roses
  • Colour: red
  • Food: Asian, Italian & French

Life Style

  • Amazon
  • Uber
  • Scandinave Sp
  • Aritzia


I will always enjoy a gift of gourmet whole, unground beans from an interesting source or a unique blend.

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